FinTech Seminars (Zoom) in Oct 2020

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Prof Vasant DHAR and Prof Zhiguo HE for being the speaker for the IIDS FinTech seminar. There are over 150 registrations (including colleagues from oversea and local universities such as HKU, HKBU, HKCityU, HKLU, OUHK and UOWCHK) for the seminars. Their presentations are extremely informative, and the active participation illustrated the importance of the topic to our colleagues and students.

Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Finance
Open Banking, Blockchain and Smart Contracts
9:00 am to 10:15am
10:30am to 11:45am
Wed, 7 OCT, 2020
Wed, 7 OCT, 2020
Prof Vasant DHAR
Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science at New York University
Prof Zhiguo HE
Fuji Bank and Heller Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business
The INTER-INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHEME (IIDS) Seminars are fully supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (RGC Ref. No.: UGC/IIDS15/B01/19

Venue for walk-in: RLG502 (Computer Room)


Date: Wed, 7th OCT 2020 (HK); Tue, 6th OCT 2020 (New York, Chicago)

Welcome: 09:00 to 09:05 (HK); 21:00 to 21:05 (New York)

Presentation: 09:05 to 10:00 (HK); 21:05 to 22:00 (New York)

Prof Vasant DHAR (FinTech and Artificial intelligence)

Q&A: 10:00 to 10:15 (HK); 22:00 to 22:15 (New York)

Break: 10:15 to 10:30 (HK)

Welcome: 10:30 to 10:35(HK); 21:30 to 21:35 (Chicago)

Presentation: 10:35 to 11:30 (HK); 21:35 to 22:30 (Chicago)

Prof Zhiguo HE (Open Banking)

Q&A: 11:30 to 11:45(HK); 22:30 to 22:45(Chicago)

END: 11:45(HK)